Thanks Kim!!

Thanks Doug!!


Thank you so much for helping me get my smile back!  You and your girls are awesome, a very pleasant place to come.  Just wanted you to know how great I think you are.

Much love,

Kim Keller

I can't thank you enough.  I really appreciate all you've done.  That game and seats were great!  Thanks again, Shawn

Dr. Berkowitz,

Thank you so much for my new smile!  Ever visit you made me feel special and some days I needed that.  I will try to pay forward the professionalism and kindness you have shared with me.  Rachel was especially helpful with my insurance issues, and your daughter, Michelle, always was so warm and friendly at the desk!  May G-d continue to bless you!

Jane Cochren

Dear Dr. Berkowitz,

We will be forever grateful for the professional courtesy that you extended to us.  Andrea is so happy with her "new" smile.  Many thanks to you and your staff.

Marlon, Lily and Andrea Valera

Dear Dr. Berkowitz,

Thank you so much for all your time and effort. 

I really appreciate all you hard work and patience toward my braces.  Once again, thank you!


Nikhitha K.

Dear Team,                                                                                    Re: Restoration Project

It's been long time coming, but now that it's over, I'd like to state, on the record, that I am very pleased with my new bite, gums, and smile.

 Jackie, I selected you to perform my orthodontic work because I was impressed with your competence, that of your staff, and the overall professionalism in your office.  The foundation you laid for the work that followed was superb.  I will always remember fondly how much fun we had at my appointments.  Honorable mention goes to Jacque', Mindy, Jamie, Wendy and your daughter Michelle.  By the way, congratulations on your son's upcoming marriage.


Michael Jacobson

Dr. Berkowitz, 

Thank you for all the wonderful things you have done for us.  We appreciate everything, from the picture of Yankee Stadium you gave to Joshua, to the hockey tickets, the wonderful care you have given the children, to the warm greetings we get every time we enter your office.  You definitely care for the whole patient and family.  We all appreciate everything you have done and continue to do.  Many thanks for all you do!

The Wood Family

Bill, Blythe, Joshua & Tiffany  

Dear Dr. Berkowitz,

I take this opportunity to again say "thank you" for everything you've done to get Austin's teeth and bite corrected.  You and ........ did wonders and Austin will benefit the rest of his life.  Your generosity and personal attention is more than any family could ask!  And, while I'm the only one in the family who hasn't been to you for braces, I know that you have four patients and a family that will be your sales people forever!

Again, thank you & best wishes.

Doug Goare

Dr. Berkowitz & Staff, 

Just a few lines to say thanks again for all you & your incredible team has done for me (physically, financially, & emotionally).  You truly are the greatest!  The braces might not be missed, but your kind faces, kind words, AND friendly banter surely will!!!

Best wishes for a healthy & Happy New Year!


Happy New Year!! 

We captured Sam & Zac on Christmas Eve and both have wonderful smiles and we thought we would share them with you.  Sam just smiles ALL the time. Thank you so very much.

Hope the holidays were good to all of you!!


The Patzers





Dr. Berkowitz, 

Thank you very much for taking care of my retainer troubles when I was in the other day!  You will get ALL of my future business.

Theresa Halpern


                                              Thank you for being such a great & nice staff! Especiallly Jackie                                                                     
~ Kirsten Kenny

Thank You for making my smile beautiful.  
I appreciate all you have done for me.
Fondly, The Becks

Thank You to a great doctor. 
Kaplan & Pesina Family


  Dr. Berkowitz & Staff,
Thank You all for your wonderful work & friendship. 
You have changed my life & no words or 
candy could express that enough.
Thanks & Enjoy,  Kevin 

               Does it feel like the time flew by??
After 3 kids with braces it's hard 
to believe that we are done.  Thanks
for everything.
The John Baker Family


Dr. Berkowitz,

Now that the holiday hustle & bustle is over, I finally had time to settle in to our upcoming event~ birthday braces for Courtney!

I was so impressed with your office as was Courtney.  The patient pictures, staff, and atmosphere all add up to a perfect setting.  I feel as if I’m in a nice spa!  The gift of the discount was one of the nicest things anyone has done for us.  It came at a wonderful time and I thank you.  You have really won us over and we look forward to beginning being cared for by you.  In a world of mass production and BIG is best, it is so wonderful to experience the small town care of long ago.

Thank you for making us important to you.

See You Thursday, Beth Simpson (Courtney Stegmayer)

Dear Dr. Berkowitz,

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your kindness and thoughtfulness.  Thank you so much for taking the time and making the effort to improve my smile AGAIN!  You really run a wonderful business with an incredible staff!  Thanks again.  I’ll keep in touch!

Love, Marcie Morison

Give a special thanks to Jen and Michelle for coming in on Saturday and to Kelly for putting on my permanent retainer!  Jen did a great job taking off my braces!

Dear Jackie Berkowitz & Staff~

I just wanted to take the time out to say thank you for doing such a good job on my teeth.  Every since I got my braces off, I’ve had a lot of compliments on my smile.  You all have made a difference in my life.  I will always be grateful.  Have a safe New Year!  Happy Holidays!

Your Pal, Korey

Dr. Berkowitz & Staff~

My wife and I really appreciate how warm and friendly you and your staff are.  I had set the range I was willing to pay for braces for Briana and you were at the high end, but my wife was sold on how well you presented your practice, your "we don't treat crooked teeth...we treat the patient" (she is a nurse and she lives by that) and your staff was/has been so outstanding every time we talk to them on the phone and in person.  You guys were so good ~ there was no need to get a 2nd opinion.  We look forward to working with your guys and would not hesitate to recommend you!

Dear Dr. Berkowitz~

Thank you for always telling Mallory how beautiful she is.  It does wonders for her self-esteem which at times is very low. 

Again Thanks,  Joyanne

Dr. Berkowitz & staff ~ I just wanted to say thank you for what all of you have done for me and my family in the past several years.  Even after a time of not seeing you, you are all as nice and special as I remember you.  Thanks for what you have done recently for my sister Meg and I as well. 

Looking forward to the continuous check-ups~                                                    

Sincerely, Alison Dick

Dr. Berkowitz ~ Thank you so very much for your “no charge” on the retainer for Shawn.  I swear to God, the dog really did eat the last one!  And last but not least, Shawn thanks you for putting such a “cute” assistant (Tasha) at his chair side!

Thank you and God Bless, Kathy and Shawn Ingram

Dear Dr. B. ~ Thanks for the smiles.       

Love, Lauren Capano