The Spring Aligner is a special purpose custom made removable appliance.  It is very effective in aligning slightly to moderately crowded front teeth.   From an  impression that is made of the crowded teeth, the teeth are then cut from the plaster model, reshaped and aligned in wax on the model.  The appliance is constructed over the perfectly aligned teeth and the appliance is worn 100% of the time by you (or as instructed). The teeth are aligned rapidly if the appliance is worn correctly and some initial soreness is involved.  When the teeth are properly aligned the appliance may be used as a retainer by wearing it part-time.  We usually suggest a fixed bonded retainer being placed on  the inside of the lower front teeth to assure long term stability.  

Patient Instructions & Care:  

Wear the spring aligner all of the time except for eating and brushing (even at night). It is also very important to brush the appliance every time you brush your teeth as it accumulates plaque also. 

Keeping your regular appointments with the office will result in a more ideal result with your retainer.  And, if it is worn correctly, rapid alignment will result and a shorter time period of wearing it will be accomplished.

If the aligner is lost or broken:

Immediately contact the office for an appointment so that we can construct a new appliance to you if needed.

            BE CAREFUL—there is a charge for lost and broken retainers


 If you have any questions about the appliance, please contact the office.

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