Oral Hygiene Instruction

  Excellent oral hygiene is the foundation to an excellent orthodontic result.

  Let’s review a few important points we talked about in the office today:  


A Few Reminders:  

  1. Look very carefully into the mirror and remove every trace of plaque and trapped food from all surfaces of your teeth—fronts, backs, tops and under your wires. 
  2. Brush your gums gently and thoroughly—especially at the gum line
  3. Brush after eating.  If it is impossible to brush, rinse your mouth thoroughly.
  4. Your toothbrush works in all directions, not just back and forth.
  5. Please never sit down in a treatment chair unless your teeth are clean.  Braces and appliances cannot be adjusted when they’re dirty.
  6. Fully inspect your teeth and braces carefully to make sure they are spotless.

 Okay, now it’s up to you!  Take excellent care of your teeth and braces.  Please call if you have any questions or need help.