"Invisible" Retainers


Patient Instructions

After braces are removed, patients are fitted with retainers to help hold teeth in their new positions.  "Invisible" Retainers are comfortable, durable, and esthetically pleasing.  They provide excellent retention of the teeth and their new corrected positions.

Please wear your “invisible” retainer the prescribed hours/day to maintain the position of your teeth.  This is critical.

 Care Instructions

1.       Remove retainer when eating or brushing

2.       Clean daily with toothbrush & toothpaste and rinse with cool water

3.       Avoid storing it in hot areas and avoid drinking hot liquids when wearing your retainer because it may cause some    distortion

4.       Be sure to keep your retainer in your retainer case when not in use to prevent breakage

5.       A small crack or split in your invisible retainer will not alter its effectiveness

6.       If you experience any irritations or have any questions about your invisible retainers, please contact the office immediately

7.       If you lose your “invisible” retainer

            a.       Notify our office at once to determine if a new retainer is needed

            b.       There is a charge for lost or broken retainers. 

8.       Be sure to bring your retainer to every appointment!


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