Patient Instructions:

Your Habit Appliance is specifically designed to help remind you to keep your fingers or thumbs from entering your mouth. The metal “rings” or bands are around your molars and the habit “fence” part is behind your front teeth.  At first it will feel like a mouthful, but within a few days it will become comfortable. Chewing may be awkward at first. You may want to stay with soft or even liquid foods for a day or two. Very soon you will be back to a normal diet. The faster your habit corrects, the shorter the appliance will have to be in your mouth!  


Be sure to brush the back teeth where the bands are, as plaque loves to hide here.  Also, do not forget to brush all of the other metal areas in your mouth so it all stays clean and shiny.  If all of the plaque is not removed, your gums will become sore and may bleed.

Flossing your teeth will be the same as before but if you are having difficulty working around the appliance, ask us for help!!