This appliance is utilized when the upper jaw is too narrow compared to the lower jaw (usually crossbites of the teeth exist).  It will widen (expand) your upper arch and put it into proper width relationship with the lower arch.  The key provided is inserted into the appliance and moved from front to back to turn the expansion screw.  Turn the key as instructed, backward as far as it will go!  Generally, a parent will turn the expansion screw with the key.  Generally no pain will occur when turning the screw; however, you may feel slight numbness in your palate.  Speech and swallowing difficulties are temporary and will improve after an adjustment period during the first few days.

 Patient Instructions:

 ____turn(s) for ___ day(s).  From ___/___/___ to ___/___/___.  ___ turns in the AM, ___ turns in the PM.

 The best time for your appliance to be turned is first thing in the morning or right after dinner.  This way, you will have time to get used to the tightness before you begin the day’s activities or before you go to sleep.


Care Instructions:

Good brushing of the appliance and your teeth will protect you against cavities and gum disease.  Any ADA approved oral irrigator (Sonicare, Oral B, etc..) can be helpful in removing food under the appliance.

 A space will open between the upper front teeth about a week after the appliance is placed as the appliance widens the arch (this is expected).  The space will disappear in the following weeks as the front teeth come back together.


·     Do not play with the appliance or tug at it with your fingers as this will dislodge the appliance and cause your treatment to be delayed.

·     Also avoid gum and sticky foods that may break or loosen the appliance.

·     If you believe the appliance is loose, please contact our office immediately.

 If you have any questions about the appliance, please contact the office.