“Orthodontic Preparation in Complex Esthetic, Restorative and Implant Interdisciplinary Therapy”


Brief Course Description/Summary: 

An over view of advanced interdisciplinary therapy to make Complex Treatments “simple”.


Target Audience:

Orthodontist, Periodontist, Prosthodontist, Generalist (Full Day)


The Vision for Orthodontic Excellence”

Total Orthodontic Practice Excellence:  A Synergistic Interaction of Well Designed “Technical” Systems with People-Oriented “Behavioral Relationships


Brief Course Description/Summary: 

A detailed and comprehensive program designed to put “all-the-pieces” of the practice puzzle together.      


Target Audience: 

Orthodontists ~ 2+ years in practice (2 Full Days in office)


Agreements/Controversies in Orthodontics’ Today


Brief Course Description/Summary:

An overview of contemporary orthodontic issues that are pertinent to every day practice.


Target Audience:

Generalists, Orthodontists, Orthodontic Residents (1/2 Day)


Overview of Contemporary Orthodontics for the Orthodontic Resident


Brief Course Description/Summary:

A detailed and comprehensive overview of the contemporary practice that will examine “all-the-pieces” of the puzzle pertinent to the Orthodontic Resident (Full Day)


Target Audience:  Orthodontic Residents



“Basic Mechanotherapy”


Brief Course Description/Summary:  A detailed overview of Berkowitz diagnosis, treatment planning and current treatment mechanotherapy.


Target Audience: Orthodontic Residents, Orthodontists (1/2 Day)



Orthognathic Surgical Typical Treatment Protocol


Brief Course Description/Summary:  Diagnosis, treatment planning & treatment for complex skeletal problems


            Target Audience:  OMFS, Orthodontists, Orthodontic Residents (1/2 Day)


Early Orthodontic Strategies… “ The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly”


Brief Course Description/Summary: A review of which problems are best treated in an early phase followed by Phase II comprehensive therapy versus single phase comprehensive therapy.


Target Audience:  Generalists, Orthodontics, Orthodontic Residents (1/2 Day)


Contemporary Orthodontic Treatment:  An Overview for the General Practice


Brief Course Description/Summary: A brief update for Generalists on contemporary Orthodontic practice and how it impacts their practice.


Target Audience:  Generalists and all Specialists


“Facts and Fantasies” of Contemporary Orthodontics and Its Relationship to the Family Dentist


Brief Course Description/Summary:  What is the Good in Contemporary Orthodontic Therapy and what should the Generalists be concerned with in the management of their patients


Target Audience:  Generalists (1/2 Day)