Bands:  If a band becomes loose or falls off, call the office to schedule an appointment.  Save the loose band and bring it with you to your next appointment.

       Brackets:  If a bracket becomes loose from a tooth call the office for an appointment to have the bracket replaced.  You may also add wax to the area if the bracket is uncomfortable.  A loose bracket will not hurt, however, please donít play with it.

         Archwires:  If the wire comes out of the tube or pokes you, call us and donít try to fix it yourself. Simply place wax on the offending areas and call us immediately to schedule an appointment.

        Color ties:  If one tie should come off, we will replace it at your next appointment.  If multiple ties should come off, call our office for an earlier appointment.

         Coils:  If a coil is sharp and begins to poke you, place a piece of wax on the area and call our office to schedule an appointment.

         Springs:  If a spring comes off, do not try to replace it yourself, as this can be tricky.  Call our office immediately to have the spring replaced.

Emergencies may happen once in a while; sometimes they are caused from eating foods youíre not supposed to eat or from touching or playing with your braces with your hands.  Just remember to be careful and take care of your braces to avoid any emergencies.  Remember to keep anything that breaks off or comes loose and bring it to your next appointment.